Sunday, 20 May 2012

Weekend - back to basics

This weekend I made a point of wearing two perfumes that I actually own. To call this post 'back to basics' is possibly an insult to Hermes Terre D'Hermes and Gucci Pour Homme, as neither is basic or simple really. They are both, to my mind, examples of what can actually be achieved in the mainstream perfume market. What makes me rage inside, sometimes, is why more of these sorts of perfumes aren't released. I think what I mean by back to basics, is returning to something I usually take for granted, and shouldn't.

I've owned a bottle of Terre D'Hermes for about four years now. I wrote about Terre a couple of years ago and mentioned that I seldom wear it these days due to a negative association I have with the fragrance. It isn't Terre's fault - I wore it on a day when I was very stressed, going for an important job interview and every time I've worn it since, it reminds me of that stress and tension. As time passes, those association are fading and I was able to wear it this weekend with some pleasure, and realised all over again what a great fragrance it is.

Why, you may ask. What makes Terre so good? I can think of a number of reasons, but one simple reason is that it smells like no other perfume on the market. As simple as that. It doesn't smell generic, it doesn't smell like it has been done before. For me, that is enough to state that it is one of the few modern mainstream men's classics out there. In simple terms, it smells of orange, mineral vetiver and bleached woods, but it goes together so well.

What about Gucci Pour Homme? Well, sadly it is now discontinued. The one Gucci men's fragrance that I actually like, and I bought the very last bottle at Hoopers, one of our local department stores. I'm sure it can still be had at certain fragrance discounters, but I imagine it will become quite scarce over time. Gucci Pour Homme is essentially a calm pepper, woods and incense perfume, with some sweetness in the dry down from the amber accord, but I would call it a very woody smelling perfume. While I wear it happily in the day, whenever I spray it on, it feels like it should be worn out for the evening. It just smells sophisticated and complex enough for a special occasion. 

I know both of these fragrances are for men, but irrespective of gender, I would seriously recommend you try both if you haven't before. Terre is easy to find, and a best seller for Hermes, but you may need to search a little harder for Gucci Pour Homme.


  1. I've been wearing Guerlain's Myrrhe & Delires all weekend and LOVING it. Only downside - $250 a bottle seems incredible expensive.

    My "basics" are Dior's Dune, and FM's L'Eau d'Hiver. If it continues to rain for the next few days (forecast predicts so) I will need to go back to L'Eau d'Hiver for few days :D

  2. I love Terre D'Hermes on my vSO, it's my absolutely favorite perfume on him. And though many other perfumes I share with him this one is definitely his, I have no desire to wear it. Though, in my opinion, a woman can easily wear it.
    I also like Terre D'Hermes aftershave balm.

  3. Turbovivi, hopefully the rain has stopped! $250 for a bottle of perfume is expensive...

  4. Undina, I haven't tried the balm, but I also think a woman could wear the perfume. Does it just not work with your skin chemistry?

  5. I don't know, I haven't tried :) I just think about Terre as of his perfume. And I want it to stay that way.



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