Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Antonio Banderas - Antonio

I received a bottle of Antonio Banderas Antonio as a gift a few years ago. During that time, I have worn it a little, but to be honest, I can't say that I find it very good. It isn't terrible, and to be fair, doesn't smell like a hundred other humdrum masculine perfumes out there, but it translates as quite synthetic on my skin, in the sense of smelling of chemicals. 

Every time I wear it, I do a search on the internet to try find reviews of Antonio. In the four years of trying, I still haven't found anything written about it, other than brief, generic blurb on discount perfume websites and on Banderas' own website. The perfume is under license to Puig, no surprise considering Banderas is Spanish. 

Fragrantica categorises the perfume as a woody floral musk, listing notes of musk, pepper, fir balsam, cashmere wood and citrus and apparently won the 2007 Fifi award for Fragrance of the Year Men's Popular appeal! 

On my skin it does smell very citrusy and green. Later on, I detect some very synthetic, fuzzy musk and a sweet note that originally made me think of this as a tobacco fragrance. 

If anyone has tried Antonio, please let me know. I'd love to know what people think of it. If you haven't tried it, I'm more than happy to give you a generous sample of it.

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