Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Scent of the day - ELDO Rien

Whew, today was a scorcher here in the United Kingdom, which, reading between the lines, means that we got into the low twenties (celsius). On this muddy isle, a day in the twenties means shirts off, skimpiest skirts on, sandals and general bizarre behaviour. Not for nothing the old saying 'only mad dogs and Englishmen enjoy the midday sun'. Or something like that!

Today I revisited Rien, a perfume that is rapidly becoming my favourite ELDO fragrance. I've only worn Rien in cooler weather, but on a warmer day, woah! It becomes one of the skankiest, seedy, sultry and most kinky perfumes I've encountered. It's essentially a floral, spicy leather fragrance, containing a melange of hard-hitting ingredients including incense, patchouli, styrax, amber, mousse de chene, labdanum, iris, rose, leather, cumin, black pepper and aldehydes. 

I am fairly certain that Rien is a sillage monster, which is why I only dabbed a tiny bit on each wrist. It was still very prominent and full of character, and bloomed in the warm weather. But oh, what a wonderful perfume in my opinion. It is complex, sensuous and with the aldehydes even has a hint of vintage about it. I find Rien a very sexual and sexy fragrance. It just smells like passion and lust to me.

This comes highly recommended.


  1. You go, boy! : )

    The one that does the same thing for me is Miller Harris "L'Air de Rein". It's wonderful in the summer - even though I've noticed people backing up a bit when they catch a whiff. How fun that both of these have "rein" in common!(I love a good wordplay)

    I know I've got a vial of this ELdO around somewhere. Next hot day, I'm trying it!

  2. My minister father exchanged parishes with a parson in Devon during the sixties. His British flock suffered dreadfully through a heat wave of 70 farenheit (21C) in woolen Sunday suits and hats. My father thought it delightful weather, since it was so much cooler than his native Virginia, where summer temps often go to 100F. Most unfortunately nobody wore Rien. (My husband, by the way, quite likes the sound of this perfume.)

  3. Cym, The Miller Harris is a bit of a skanky one! Personally think it is one of their better perfumes.

  4. Blacknall, the British weather brings out a lot of emotion in us! I have to say that having grown up in a hot country, I am fairly used to heat, but in fairness England is a very wet country and therefore when it does get warm the humidity can be awful.

  5. Just blew through a large size sample sent by a friend who knew I would like it...harkens back to vintage days with quality ingredients! Love it!



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