Saturday, 5 May 2012

A Serge Saturday

Following on from Borneo 1834 on Friday, today I thought I'd remain in a Lutens mood and wear Amber Sultan by Serge Lutens.

I don't have much to say about Ambre Sultan that I haven't said before. It is still my favourite amber perfume, what I call my gold standard. Having said that, the recent Opus VI by Amouage is quickly moving up the rankings! What I especially like about Ambre Sultan is that it is not a sweet and powdery amber, my least favourite. Rather, it is herbal and dry, and complex too - continually evolving. The herby opening can be quite weedy at times, in the literal sense of the smell of weeds, but I love Lutens openings with a twist, so this doesn't put me off.

I don't find Ambre Sultan a particularly cozy and comforting amber. I find that it is easy to wear in all seasons, without ever becoming cloying, which some of the sweeter ambers are prone to doing in warmer weather, in my opinion.

Another great perfume by Serge Lutens.


  1. Once upon a time, I visited the dry, scrubby Greek island of Santorini and even though it was winter and not very warm, I've always remembered the resiny, aromatic smells. Ambre Sultan smells a lot like that landscape as does Diptyque's L'eau Trois. I'll wear either in any season, but a hot, dry day really transports me!

  2. Ambre Sultan was my first full bottle from the brand. I'm not sure if it is my most favorite amber perfume but undoubtedly one of the favorites (I haven't tried Opus VI yet).

  3. Ambre Sultain was one of the few SLs I wanted to sit with awhile (re-reading a post I did awhile back) - unfortunately I gave all my SLs (except for Queen Rose) to my brother.

  4. Cym, I haven't been to Santorini, but having been to places like Croatia, parts of which have a very hot, mediterranean climate, I understand where you're coming from. I haven't tried L'eau Trois.

  5. Undina, if you can get your hands on a sample of Opus VI do let me know what you think. Which are your favourite ambers?

  6. Carol why did you give all yours to your brother? What a lucky brother! I wish I had sisters like you!! ;-) Hopefully you get to visit and try them from time to time.



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