Thursday, 3 May 2012

Attar Bazaar Mysore Sandalwood

I received a sample of Attar Bazaar's Mysore Sandalwood oil courtesy of Cymbaline, who I met recently in London.

I had never heard of Attar Bazaar and was interested to find out after visiting their website that they are based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They have a host of interesting oils, ranging from rose  to sandalwood to musk, and a lot in between.

The Mysore Sandalwood oil, according to their website, is a very high-grade oil and judging both by what I smelled on skin and the reviews I have read, this is very true. Like most oils, the sandalwood takes some time to warm up on skin, but when it does, the most gorgeously smooth sandalwood aroma wafts up. The oil is quite linear, and does not evolve that much, but I wasn't expecting that anyway - I was interesting in smelling unadulterated sandalwood - and what one gets is a very contemplative, woody accord, with just a touch of pepperiness and perhaps a little smoke. 

After smelling this one, I am now really keen to try a few others from Attar Bazaar. Do any of you have any experience of this company and its products, and if so, what do you think?


  1. I am a long-time Attar Bazaar fan! They have a lovely selection of quality single-note oils (among which I highly recommend Sumatran Vetivert) and blended attars which combine natural & synthetic notes (Sharif is fantastic). They frequently offer customers on their mailing list special discount codes (usually 20% off total purchase) = quite a plus. I promise you I'm not a company shill-- I started wearing AB's Tunisian Frankincense natural perfume oil over a decade ago and have had ample time to sample their other wares. Consider me a whole-hearted devotee.

  2. Olenska, these sound excellent. Always good to hear from someone who has tried more than a few and has good things to say. Thanks for commenting. BTW, have you tried the sandalwood one I've written about?

    1. Yes, and I love it-- I got it once as one of my free samples. (Oh jiminy crickets, did I forget to MENTION the free samples? You even get to choose which scents you want-- it's fantastic!)

  3. Ok, you've sold me now Olenska!

  4. My favorite is Egyptian Shalimar. If you like vintage Shalimar, I feel sure you'll fall in love with this.
    It's all the warm amber goodness without the shrill top notes I sometimes find in the Guerlain fragrance. I carry it in my purse and apply at the end of the day when the perfume I'd originally applied has faded along with my energy. It never fails to cheer me up. And I also agree with the comment on the Sumatran Vetivert. It's dark, earthy and gorgeous. Their Indian Patchouli oil is similar to vintage TABU and the Tunisian Frankincense is also a winner.

  5. Melissa, thanks for commenting. Some of those you describe do seem very enticing!



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