Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Madonna Truth or Dare

Madonna's Truth or Dare perfume has hit my fair town at last, and I felt I had to have a sniff. If truth be told, Truth or Dare is rather good as far as celebrity fragrances are concerned. I'm not an expert in this 'genre' but while I liked Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely, I think Madonna's perfume is a bit more daring and unusual, by these standards.

Truth or Dare was apparently '15 or 16 years in the making'. If I'm being honest, Truth or Dare is a nicely-done mainstream tuberose fragrance, but fairly light on the tuberose and I struggle to understand why it would take the better part of two decades to conceive of this idea, but perhaps I'm being unfair. There is something about it that reminds me a little of Honore des Pres' Vamp a NY, but only superficially. It too smells a little fleshy, a little bit like coconut. If anything, Truth or Dare has a rubbery note in it, to my nose at least, which if I understand correctly is a facet of tuberose.

I actually think Truth or Dare is a very decent perfume. It isn't groundbreaking, particularly original or daring, but having said that, it doesn't smell like other celebrity scents out there and thank the Lord it isn't a fruity floral.

Well done Madonna.


  1. I was with you until you said it reminded you of Vamp a NY which I don't like much at all.

    Pheww! I avoided a lemming! ;)

  2. Carol, I wouldn't judge it purely on my perception! It only reminded me of Vamp slightly. Do you like tuberose generally?

    1. nope I usually don't, but my tastes have been changing lately, and I also usually agree w/your perceptions/reviews. :)



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