Tuesday, 23 August 2011

V&A Midnight in Paris and Delrae Panache revisited

After my rather strange reviews of Van Cleef and Arpels Midnight in Paris and Delrae Panache a few days ago, I thought I would revisit both to see if my perceptions had changed.

Well, in short, they haven't. If anything, Midnight in Paris strikes me as even more vanilla-cloying than before. Perhaps it is the fact I wore it again on quite a warm day. I don't know, but it choked me half to death with that note. Yuck. Sorry...

Panache is still by far the better of the two in my opinion. There's something about the style of Delrae that reminds me a bit of Di Nicolai. Certainly in the case of Panache the combination of rich citrus, perhaps lavender and vanilla that reminds me of Di Nicolai's New York. The difference is New York usually gives me the dry heaves for some weird reason, but luckily Panache doesn't. Still, it is a curious fragrance and I don't know whether I love it, or think I could do with a bit more perseverance!


  1. I'm glad you revisited these perfumes. It's easy to dismiss things after one wearing(I'm so guilty of this)and occasionally opinions do change. You're right about the weather,it can make a big difference!

    The Delrae line is one I keep meaning to try. There is a store here in Seattle that carries it, but I get sidetracked every time. By the time I've worked my way 'round to them, there's no skin-space left to spray. There have been some reviews of Debut and Amoreuese lately that made them sound intriguing. I love several perfumes in the Nicolai group so maybe the Delrae's will work well on me.

  2. Cymbaline, do try the Delrae line if you can. They seem like a bit of a throw back, but modern at the same time.



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