Wednesday, 24 August 2011

L'Artisan comes to town

Ok, I know that might not be the most exciting news, but L'Artisan is now stocked at one of my local department stores. It's not the full range of course, but rather the more common ones encountered, like Myrrh & Musc, Timbuktu, Ambre and Premier Figuier. There are two others that I haven't tried before, Nuit de Tubereuse and Fou d'Absinthe.

I have to say, my first impression of Fou d'Absinthe is WTF! It starts with a wonderful hit of anise/absinth, cool and deadly, but then turns to something dank and manky on my skin for about two hours. Honestly, every time I smelled my wrist I had the impression I had dried my skin with a towel that hadn't been aired properly. You must know that smell. It isn't quite revolting, but not pleasant either. Then later on, the fragrance turns back into a slightly resinous, piney, even lightly incense-y dry down. Weird, and possibly weirdly compelling.

A lot was written about Nuit de Tubereuse when it came out last year. I only ever sprayed it on paper once and promptly forgot about it. Wearing it today, I'm struck by how this must be the most un-floral tuberose perfume I have every encountered. Much later in the dry down some of the more usual facets of tuberose come into play but again, it is a rather intriguing shape-shifter of a scent that I can't quite pin down. I think I really like it.


  1. Manky...I love that word and vow to use it in a sentence before the week is through. L'Artisan perfumes are kind of a love/hate thing for me, although most are interesting at the very lease. Enjoy sniffing!

  2. Yep...'manky'. That's a keeper!

    A few minutes ago I pulled out of a bidding war on *bay for a bottle of l'Artisan Vanilia. Oh well. I do have my limits, I think : )

    Your mention of 'Nuit de Tubereuse' makes me think I really should get out the sample and give it another go. That's one I kinda liked, but didn't give it more than one wear. My favorite is 'Dzing!'.

  3. Josephine, always happy to provide you with another word in your written 'weaponry'! L'Artisan for me is also one of those houses that releases perfumes I tend to love or hate too. Not sure why.

  4. Cymbaline, Dzing is a great perfume and so original. I do like Timbuktu and Dzhonga as well, and admit to being partial to Al Oud, although I know it has its detractors.

  5. I never got to try Nuit de Tubereuse but I still have high expectations of loving it (it is a rare tuberose perfume I don't like).
    I tried Fou just the other day and it was fine for the first 15 minutes or so, afterwards I forgot about it.
    Now I need to re-visit it.

    And as you can see, I can comment. :D Yeey!

  6. Ines, thanks for the comment. Glad you can finally get through to me! Yeah, I've noticed you love tuberose. I'd love to know what you make of this one. In my opinion it is very different to the 'standard' sort of tuberose smell, if you know what I mean.



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