Saturday, 20 August 2011

Delrae Panache

Okay, this is perhaps taking a perfume review to a streamlined extreme, almost a stream-of-consciousness thing. Perhaps this won't be fair to Delrae Panache, but here goes - my 1 minute summary of the fragrance...

Delrae Panache starts with a bit of citrus and lavender. It strikes me as very aldehydic and actually high pitched. A bit of a nod to a bygone age. Smells perfume-y, for want of a better word. It stays citrusy for a long time. The term high pitched comes to mind again because it isn't a warm, fluffy fragrance. It gets a bit greener as it progresses, with a dusting of spice, perhaps a touch of patchouli and a bit herbal. It smells classy and interesting.

Hmm, I can't say that is the most enlightening review I've done on this blog, but that's my first stab.

Note to self - wear Delrae Panache again and give it a bit more thought...

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