Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hooray its the weekend (and Eau d'Italie)

So, another weekend rolls by and here in England we are having a long weekend, or the summer bank holiday weekend (or August bank holiday weekend, take your pick) as it is known. Theoretically this should be a celebration of summer - long days and sultry evenings, lazy barbecues, etc, but in reality it usually means sheltering from a persistent, drizzly rain and cursing the fact that the English summer was too short, as usual, and has come to an abrupt end.

Me cynical you ask? No way! Ha ha....

So this weekend is all mapped out for us. Our best friends are coming down for the day from London and we are planning to have a nice pub lunch at a country pub followed possibly by a visit to Marle Place, which is a lovely privately-owned house and garden lost in the back lanes of the Kent Weald. For those of you not familiar with Kent or England for that matter, the Weald is a bucolic landscape of old woods, valleys and farmland that remain surprisingly unspoilt, considering how densely populated the south east of England is. Here in Kent they have old Saxon names for various landscape features and villages. For example many villages names end in 'hurst' which means a wooded hill, or 'holt' which means wood, 'leigh/ly/ley' which means a clearing in a wood, 'wald' (corrupted to weald) means forest and 'den' means pasture. Ok, enough petty history for now...

I mentioned a while ago that the Eau d'Italie line was now stocked in one of my local department stores. Well I was in there just the other day and one of the sales ladies kindly gave me samples of the entire line, which was very nice indeed. Having said that, although I quite like what I have tried so far, I don't know if they do enough for me to mean I am entirely sold on the line.

Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. I loved the 'petty history' lesson! And what do you think about EdI Jardin/Poet? *cannot find my sample now, darn it* I was delighted with it!

  2. Yo Frida, thanks for dropping by. Actually I really like Jardin Poete. It smells very citrusy and green - perfect for summer or spring I would think.



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