Sunday, 14 August 2011

LT Piver Cuir

I don't know about you, but LT Piver is one of those perfume houses that has evaded my interest, and judging by the scarcity of reviews out there, the interest of most of the blogosphere too. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I can't recall reading any reviews, but I suppose there must be some out there.

LT Piver is carried by Les Senteurs in London, the only place I've seen them. When I was last there, I decided to get a sample of Cuir, one of the men's fragrances. If I understand correctly, Piver is a venerable old house and most, if not all of their fragrances have been recently modernised. Whether this is only the packaging and bottles, or the juices as well, I can't say.

Anyway, Cuir is a curious little number. In keeping with some of the older style leather fragrances, it has no shortage of greens and florals, and while I wouldn't call it a leather green chypre in the style of say Bandit, for example, it does verge on feminine for quite a long time. The opening is especially floral and quite intense, with very little leather to start with. There is also a soapiness that reminds me a bit of a Spanish leather style, with perhaps a hint of smoke too. As Cuir dries down the leather does become more prominent, but it never reaches the intensity of Knize 10 for example and retains a resinous, slightly green feel. I suppose it is a chypre, and I certainly didn't mind it, but it does smell a bit fusty and dated to me.

Having said that, I think it is worth at least trying.

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