Friday, 19 August 2011

Old favourites revisited part 2

Following on from my recent desire to wear some older, more tried-and-tested fragrances, today I wore Montale's Blue Amber and Costamor's Tabacca. 

Actually, Tabacca is a sample that I only acquired a few months ago, but I very quickly grew to love it. It smells comforting, warmly spicy, fragrantly tobacco-y, with a deft dose of what smells to me like rum or cognac. It's great; nicely relaxed, but there's a lot going on.

Blue Amber is also a lovely fragrance, although still doesn't top my amber gold standard, Uncle Serge's Ambre Sultan. Nevertheless, it is also warm, comforting and relaxed, with a slightly salty tang that manages to cut the sweet amber and prevent it from becoming too powdery.

Like yesterday, I'm feeling the love. Viva. 

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