Thursday, 31 January 2013

Sandalwood Thursday

Following on from my post yesterday, I did wear perfume today. I was in a sandalwood mood, so wore DSH Sandalo Inspiritu on one wrist and Mysore Sandalwood oil (Attar Bazaar) on the other. There is something calming about sandalwood, so no wonder I craved it this week. 

The oil is very linear. It is pretty much sandalwood oil, straight up and unadulterated. I like it, particularly as it mellows later on. Early on it is perhaps a touch too sappy and raw for my liking, but overall very nice. Sandalo Inspiritu has long been a favourite of mine and it is a lot more complex and nuanced than the former.

So, it is the end of January. Bring on the spring I say...


  1. Here I thought that Sandalo Inspiritu had gone away for good. It was one of my favorites from DSH, and perhaps now that some other houses are using sandalwood again, it will return?
    Did you see that Frederic Malle has a new fragrance coming out with Indian sandalwood? If that works, what about SI?

    1. Blacknall, my sample came from Carol of Waft blog a few years ago. I wasn't aware if it was still in production or not (perhaps DSH had stockpiled some Mysore?) Yes I had read about the Malle. Interested to try it for sure!

  2. have you tried Laurie's new natural- SSS Cocoa Sandalwood? It is fantastic! Sits close to the skin and is so enveloping and calming to me.
    On the subject of sandalwood, Eden Botanicals new caledonia sandalwood absolute is what I wear straight up-mellow and creamy from the get-go while still maintaining that wood quality. I actually prefer it to mysore.

  3. Brie, I haven't. I read a review of it just the other day (think it was the Non Blonde)that was very positive. I haven't checked out Eden Botanicals - will vertainly have a look. Thanks



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