Friday, 1 February 2013

Michael Kors for Men - Michael for Men

I had been aware of Michael for Men, but never paid it any attention, for whatever reason. However, today I tried it and I must say, it took me a little by surprise. I was expecting it to be a fairly generic, modern men's perfume, but actually, it smells damn good. 

Fragrantica lists Michael as an aromatic fougere, but to me it smells like a very smooth, slightly spicy, woody tobacco and leather fragrance. The notes include coriander, fir, tarragon, star anise, caraway, bergamot, cardamon, cinnamon, tobacco, incense, suede, sandalwood, plum, patchouli and dried fruits. 

To be honest, this sort of perfume is right up my alley anyway, with many of my favourite perfume notes. I wouldn't say that Michael is massively groundbreaking, but it smells well-constructed, with good ingredients, and most importantly, stays clear of fresh, clean and sporty. To my mind, this perfume is perfect for day wear; you wouldn't offend anyone in the workplace, yet you will smell original enough to not smell like the rest of the crowd. I could see myself buying a bottle of Michael to use as an everyday, versatile staple, suitable for almost any occasion. I hope this isn't perceived as damning with faint praise. Actually, versatile, good-quality men's fragrances like Michael are rarer that one might think and I am so glad that I have finally discovered it.

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