Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Growing up

Today my older daughter Hannah turned six. As proud and happy as we are for her, part of me can't help also feeling slightly sad at the passing of time and how quickly she is growing up. She is no longer that proper little girl anymore. Increasingly she is displaying signs of growing awareness and little glimpses of adult maturity, albeit fledgling. It is a normal part of growing up, yet a selfish part of me would like for her to remain young for as long as possible.

Today I wore Norma Kamali Incense. There is something about that slightly churchy type of incense that smells timeless and provided a much needed solidity to a day that for me was full of joy and pride, yet a poignant sadness too.


  1. They do grow up quickly, don't they?? And how could I have forgotten about NK Incense, a labdanum-rich gem? It may be the most intense incense perfume out there; it's gorgeous.

  2. Marla thank you. It is quite intense, particularly the opening phase I think. I love it though.



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