Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Two rose scents of the day

For some reason I've been on a bit of a rose kick recently, as you might have gathered. Perhaps this follows from my posts on rose last month, which made me think a bit more about roses.

Anyway, today I wore Ormonde Jayne's Ta'if on one wrist and Guerlain's Nahema on the other. Ta'if is hard to peg down. It is a rose fragrance, obviously, but it has more going on than just that. I can't quite figure it out yet. It is quite a sweet rose perfume, without being cloying, as there are also wood and resins that temper the sweeter notes. I like it.

As for Nahema, this was the first time I have worn it. It is a very complicated perfume, starting with quite a brash and piercing rose note, then becomes dustier and more aromatic, before morphing into what I think is a rose chypre, but I could be wrong. There are a lot of aldehydes in here too, if I'm interpreting the perfume correctly. 

Both perfumes are long-lasting. I sprayed on both around 10 this morning and they are going strong 10 hours later. Ta'if and Nahema are nothing like each other, but if I were to choose one, probably on the basis of it being more intriguing, I would take Nahema.


  1. Good that the OJ stays for you - it disappeared off of me. I do enjoy Nahema - I may just have to find my sample later today.

  2. Out of all the perfume notes there are it seems like rose perfumes really benefit from sampling more than one at a time, like you did with Ta'if and Nahema. Each type of rose bloom already has such a distinct fragrance before other notes are even added in! If I had to choose I'd probably pick Ta'if over Nahema, but honestly I never really thought about why and your "side-by-side" review makes me want to do the same testing with these two perfumes as well as with some of my other rose perfumes.

    Thanks for the terrific idea, Michael : )

  3. Frida, it has been a bit variable on my skin before. This time it stayed around!

  4. Cym, let me know how the two compare side by side. Would be interesting to find out if your opinion changes!

  5. Not even a choice for me: on my skin Nahema smells like an "old lady perfume" in a bad sense. And I absolutely love Ta'if. So - definitely Ta'if!

  6. Undina, you're not the first to say that about Nahema. I have to be honest and say it doesn't smell like that to me. Ta'if is great too!



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