Monday, 20 February 2012

A return to old favourites

Yeah, I know what you're probably thinking. You've read this before. Every now and then I post about how I've gone back to trying perfumes I actually own, rather than just get a quick fix from the latest craze. But you know what? It's a valid point and the reason why I do this. The message is - its good to wear perfume one actually owns. After all, why did I buy full bottles of these in the first place?

Now I know that some of you (perhaps many of you) own a lot of full bottles, but my budget does not allow that and in some ways I know that if I owned a lot, I would never ever work my way through my 'stock'. Nevertheless, I do own about fifteen bottles of perfume and over the last few days I wore Guerlain's L'Instant, Gucci Pour Homme (discontinued), Alexander McQueen Kingdom (discontinued) and Bulgari Black (I think discontinued, but not 100% certain). Interesting that about 75% of what I own is no longer in production. The most criminal of these in my opinion is Gucci. How could they discontinue Pour Homme and leave so much dreck on the shelves? Crazy bastards!

Wearing each of these, I came to the realisation all over again that they are brilliant perfumes and deserve to be worn by me more often.

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