Thursday, 1 March 2012

Hermes Eau D'Orange Verte

Depending on one's point of view, 1 March could be seen as the start of spring. I know that strictly speaking spring starts at the spring equinox, I think, or somewhere around 21 March, but I am impatient for spring, so I will choose 1 March, so there!

Anyway, what perfume could be more appropriate for spring than Hermes Eau D'Orange Verte? 

Released many years ago (1979 according to Basenotes), this lovely perfume has notes of mandarin, sweet orange, mint, lemon tree extract and bitter orange. I have seen notes like patchouli and papaya mentioned as well, but to me it is a very orangey perfume, with a light woody dry down.  Eau D'Orange Verte is a light cologne-like perfume, so don't expect stellar lasting power. However, I can't think of much more joyful and uplifting than that first luscious citrus burst. It sings off the skin with exuberance and happiness, perfect for bolstering spirits after a long winter.

There is also a concentre version around, which I have tried, but not often. My vague recollection is that it is a bit denser than the original, with less zing and zip, but both are very nice.


  1. This is my friend G's favorite from the Hermes line-- she introduced me to the body lotion, which combines that gorgeous scent with the ballast to keep it on your skin a good long while. Pure yum.

  2. Sounds like another good one to try! I've been hesitant to go into the Hermes store here as I've had some people report that the staff there are a bit cold and don't make their customers feel welcome. Maybe I just need to buck-up and go anyway, there are several hermes perfumes to try, like the new one, Santal Massoia.

  3. Olenska, I haven't tried the body lotion, but can imagine it must smell yum indeed!

  4. Cym, I've never been to a Hermes boutique, but this perfume along with many of the other Hermes (excluding the Hermessences) can often be found in most major department stores here in the UK.

  5. I've tried both. The concentre is superior in every regard. For me the plain old eau d'orange vert lasts as long as it takes to leave the bathroom! I splash it on before I go for a run to make me run faster!



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