Saturday, 11 February 2012

Weekend roundup

It's been a funny old week here in England. Eventually the cold weather did arrive, after a boring and mild winter and we woke up on Sunday morning to six inches of snow, much to the children's delight. We spent a good part of the morning taking them sledging, which they loved. Until their feet got wet inside their wellies, following which there were many tears and wailing! In the afternoon we built a snowman and thus the weekend faded into the working week.

The snow has stuck around for pretty much the whole week and even as I type, large parts of the Kent and Sussex countryside are still blanketed in snow, no doubt thanks to the sub-zero temperatures we have experienced all week. If you think I sound a bit crazed, it is only because the UK is so seldom truly cold and every snow event is something to get excited about!

Perfume-wise I haven't tried a lot of new stuff, but I did manage to sample Teo Cabanel Alahine and Fendi Theorema. Despite being usually described as feminine, I didn't find either of them to be unwearable, even at work. I haven't worn them enough yet to form firm opinions. One of my department stores is now selling the Diane Von Furstenberg perfume. I got a sample of it, but haven't actually smelled it yet. Other than that, there is nothing new on the perfume front, at least in my neck of the woods.

My dodgy chest is still playing up a bit, which is making appreciating perfume a bit of a challenge. Also the cold weather is not helping - a runny, chapped and slightly blocked nose is not the best way to enjoy perfume.

Have a good weekend all.


  1. Sledging? Is that sledding? You Brits!

    Same weather here - though we received closer to a foot of snow. Used to it, but this winter has been weird - higher than normal temperatures and then this.

    I do hope your cold gets better!

  2. Frida, yes, sledding and sledging are one and the same - it's the old US vs UK terminology I'm afraid!

    Yeah, I bet you are used to a lot more snowy weather. Presumably you get lake-effect snow there?

  3. We do get lake-effect, but not as much as they do in the east side of Cleveland, where I grew up. Winter doesn't seem like winter without it!



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