Friday, 3 February 2012

Friday bits and bobs

Some of you might be aware that Europe is in the grip of a big freeze this week. Parts of Eastern Europe in particular have dropped to well below 20 degrees C, while even the French Riviera has received some of the white stuff, with Marseille looking more soused herring than Bouillabaisse! 

Here in England, we are really only on the fringes of it, but even Blighty has felt temperatures of around freezing, with snow forecast this weekend. It's about time - it has been such a mild winter here and the old sledge needs a bit of a workout, hopefully.

I am now over the worst of my cold/flu/whatever-it-was affliction and for the last couple of days I have even worn some perfume, but haven't really been in a fragrant frame of mind. Today I've been wearing Nobile 1942 Ambra Nobile and 1000 Flowers Reglisse Noir. I'm not sure I am yet in the best frame of mind to appreciate them, but they are really lovely perfumes. Yesterday I returned to some older samples, namely Byredo Baudelaire and Huitieme Art Fareb, both quite masculine concoctions quite appropriate for winter days I think. 

So, perfume lovers, have a great weekend all!

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