Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday scent of the day - Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

Do you ever wear a perfume that smells perfectly decent, has a good following and reputation and should tick all the boxes, but ultimately never does? 

Well that is my experience with Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver. I wore it today and like the other times I've worn it, it smells fine. However, it is forgettable on my skin because it just doesn't do anything. It doesn't offend, it doesn't excite, it isn't different enough to stand out. That's perfectly fine of course. Not all perfumes need to stand out that much. Sometimes its great just to wear something that becomes part of your skin and just hums along. To me though, that seems the antithesis of what Tom Ford is meant to be (or maybe not - perhaps I've got the wrong end of the stick with regards to Tom Ford). In fact, almost all the perfumes I've smelled from the Tom Ford line (admittedly I haven't tried many from his more exclusive range) have a similar effect on me - nice, but almost forgettable. Perhaps I am being harsh, but the only one that I can actually 'smell' in my head thinking about it is Black Orchid.


  1. You know I have never sniffed any Tom Ford's stuff? Well that's not exactly true - a friend of mine in town was wearing something by him - it smelled good, but not fabulous to me.

  2. Frida, I probably haven't smelled enough to form a definitive opinion. I know the Tom Ford line has its fans.



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