Monday, 17 December 2012

Scent of the day - Serge Lutens Boxeuses

When I first tried Boxeuses about a year ago, I did not care for it at all. I found it insipid, particularly for a Lutens creation.

Perhaps that was unfair. A year on, I concede that Boxeuses is a very well made perfume. It smells a bit leathery, a bit rosy, a touch of light smoke. A bit oriental. I'd happily wear it. The thing is, I still can't shake the nagging feeling that despite its credentials, it is a bit boring. I'm used to Lutens perfumes having something 'grrr' in them, even if it can be on occasion just a bit of a top note fling. All my favourite Lutens perfumes have something a bit offbeat and odd about them. They challenge. They inspire. Boxeuses does none of this for me.

Still, perhaps it is a skin chemistry thing. I've read plenty of very positive reviews of Boxeuses and as I said at the start, it is well made.

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