Saturday, 8 December 2012

Divine L'Homme de Coeur

It may seem strange stating this, but I can honestly say that I have not yet smelt a Divine fragrance that I do not like. I think ounce for ounce, they punch above their weight and put some of the more pretentious 'niche' fragrance houses to shame. 

L'Homme de Coeur is no exception. It is very well done - an iris fragrance for men that manages to take the cool aloofness of that note and makes it surprisingly warm. From a distance. That aloofness that doesn't totally disappear. Like a man who deep down is quite reserved, yet makes an effort to be congenial. Yet anyone who knows him well realises this is not his natural character. 

Last night I had the first of my Christmas work functions. I generally dislike work functions. Call me a grump, but there is something about the mixing of colleagues after hours with a bit of alcohol added that very often leads to uncomfortable situations. For a start, the conversation inevitably leads back to work-related issues, stories and office gossip. And lets face it, at some point the boss or one's 'superiors' will be discussed, usually once they've left a bit earlier. That's the point when I usually want to leave too. Perhaps I am being a bit dramatic, but I prefer to keep my private and social life separate from my work life.

I mention this Christmas dinner because I often feel out of place at many social functions, particularly work functions. I am one of those men who is naturally reserved and socialising in larger groups is a bit of a chore for me. Like L'Homme de Coeur, I prefer to remain understated and in the background a little, but sometimes try to be congenial, even if it isn't really me. I should add that this analogy is not a criticism of the perfume, but rather praise of its classy, understated structure. It is cool, suave and very well done indeed.


  1. I try to avoid holiday parties if I can, and happy that you found a scent that is a perfect fit for you in those situations!

    1. Thanks Carol. I don't mind holiday parties per se, but prefer it in the company of close and genuine friends.

  2. I hate going to office parties. Even though everyone is very nice, we've worked together a long time. I probably spend more time at work than home so there's just really no subject that hasn't been hashed to death already!

    I also think Divine is divine and would love to smell L'Homme de Coeur :)

    1. Cym that's the thing. You just know where office parties are going to end up. You may smell L'Homme de Coeur sooner than you think :-)



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