Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A visit to Les Senteurs, and some samples

I was in London for work today, and being not too far from Elizabeth Street, where Les Senteurs is located (their original store; the new one is located not far from Marble Arch near Oxford Street), I decided to pay a quick visit. As is always the case, in my experience, the service was impeccable and I was assisted by a lovely young lady, who spent a good twenty minutes running through some of their perfumes and recently arrived stock. She also provided me with some generous samples, a lovely feature of the store, whose owners know and realise that it is not all about the sale; build up a satisfied customer base and loyalty, and they will return time and time again. What I like about Les Senteurs is that their staff are always happy to talk about perfume for the sake and love of it, and for the most part they are extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. If you haven't been here before, I strongly recommend a visit.

So, the samples I acquired this time are:
  • ELDO - Jasmin et Cigarette
  • Lorenzo Villoresi - Patchouli (does anyone blog about LV anymore?)
  • Parfumerie Generale - L'eau Rare Matale
  • Caron Nuit de Noel
  • Mona Di Orio - Oud
  • Heeley - Verveine Eugenie
I am quite excited to try these. I smelled them all on paper and they are great, but obviously on skin will be the acid test. Have any of you tried these, and if so, what is your take on them?


  1. I love L. Villoresi Sandalo, but haven't tried any of his other perfumes. Patchouli is the one I've been most curious about and am looking forward to your impression of it.

    Regarding your previous "citrus" post - oldies but fantastics Dior Eau Sauvage and Guerlain Eau Imperiale : )

  2. Cym, I haven't tried a lot of Villoresi, to be honest. I can say that I tried Patchouli for the first time today and it is very good. For a patch lover, I would definitely say, as there is a lot of patch in the fragrance, as it should be!

    I've tried Eau Sauvage quite often but not the Guerlain. Thanks for commenting as always.

  3. I tried Nuit de Noel and Oud - both are not for me. I plan to test NdN more. I predict you'll like Mona di Orio's perfume.

  4. Undina, I have no real pre-conception of what NdN is going to be like. I've been a bit lukewarm with the Caron classic fragrances, but generally speaking got on better with the men's range, at the risk of being too gender-conscious.

    I have already tried the oud and have to confess I did like it. A lot!



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