Sunday, 4 March 2012

Saturday SOTD - Cartier Declaration

Cartier Declaration is another perfume that I've written about before. I want to mention it again, partly because I wore it yesterday and also because I think it is an excellent perfume that is seldom mentioned these days. 

Created by Jean-Claude Ellena and released in 1998, Declaration has (according to Basenotes) notes of birchwood, bitter orange, bergamot, juniper, artemisia, cardamom, cedar, vetiver and oakmoss. Many reviews in the past mention a heavy accord of cumin and, I have to say, I do detect quite a prominent cumin note too, despite it not being listed above. Depending on your senses, you will probably either love cumin (spicy), or hate it (sweaty body odour). For me, luckily, cumin only holds good associations. Despite the prominence of cumin, to me Declaration is ultimately a spicy, citrus woody fragrance, but I have never smelled another perfume quite like it. I can see how Ellena moved from this to Terre d'Hermes and the other work he's done for Hermes, but Declaration is a one-off special.


  1. I love cumin in food and perfume : )

    Cartier Declaration has been on and off my list of 'perfumes to try' more times than I can remember - after reading your review it's going back on!

  2. Cym, I think its a good perfume. It does tend towards masculine, I suppose, but I do know that I had the shower gel a year or so ago and my wife really enjoyed using it, so who knows?

  3. I just bought this after devouring a sample! It's delicious, it's probably the iOS super e, but his blending is exquisite. Somehow I also just ordered terr d'hermes parfum too. I'm having an Ellena moment!



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