Saturday, 31 March 2012

Friggin' Friday

So, its the last day of March and boy, am I glad it is Le Weekend. 

Yesterday, I had to go down to Dorset to see a client, just for the day. Now, for those of you not familiar with England, it takes about three hours to get to Dorset by train, if you only include the actual train time. Factor in getting to and from stations, waiting in stations for changes and so forth, and its closer to four hours, perhaps even five if you are unlucky and experience a delay.

So to put it in perspective, my day went like this:

Wake up 4.45, shower, shave, dress, brush teeth, get laptop bag and stumble out of front door at 5.30.

Walk to train station, catch 6.09 to London. Startled by how busy train is at 6 in the morning. Don't people have lives - who wants to commute at sparrow fart?

Arrive London Waterloo at 7.10. Buy breakfast baguette and coffee, hang about until 7.30 and board 7.35 train to Bournemouth. Work on train. Regret becoming an accountant...

Arrive Bournemouth 9.40. Walk to town centre, arrive at client 10.00.

Work until 1pm, client takes me out for lunch, but turns out I'm paying and he's drinking lots of wine. Lucky I can claim back disbursements, but won't get away with claiming two bottles of wine, so guess client got lucky. Bastard.

Get back to his office at 2.30 (client a bit woozy I suspect) and try to work until 5.15. He's not much use to me now. Start to wonder why I bothered ruining a Friday for this.

Walk back to train station and hang around until 6pm. Get on a packed train to London. Seems like every goddamn student from Bournemouth and then Southampton universities are heading home for Easter. The bastards.

Arrive London 8pm. Catch train back to Tunbridge Wells, arrive at 9pm. In desperation, get a Chinese takeout on way home. Walk through front door at 9.30pm, exhausted.

Eat Chinese and then after a shower, fall into a deep yet disturbed sleep. Wake up around midnight, parched and thirsty. How much salt, MSG and other additives were in the Chinese food? The bastards.

So that was my day and the end of March. Only good thing about yesterday was I wore Amouage Dia Man. Thank God.

Have a good weekend everyone. I certainly will!


  1. Hi Michael - this post made me LOL! I've had days like this too, where I just end up thinking, 'how the hell did I get into this anyway?' Hope you have a nice restful weekend and congrats on your 2nd blogging anniversary!

  2. hahaaaa, I too literally laughed out loud at this. So sorry you had such a crap day. Let's hope this weekend is going smoothly.

    *still giggling here* :)

  3. Ok, that is a day from HELL! Do you have to travel for work often?

    I get up at 4:30am (which I hate) T-F, but I only have a 15 min. drive into the office. After reading your itinerary I'm counting my blessings : )

    Blog anniversary congratulations! Here's to 2 more years : D

  4. I hope your Sunday is much better than your Friday was.

  5. Josephine, thanks. It definitely was a case of "how and why am I in this situation?". I will rest and thanks for the wishes.

  6. Frida (Taraegon, where does that name come from?), thanks. One has to see the funny side of things, otherwise insanity would soon set in, I fear! What's nice about this weekend is that I know I am on a week's holiday from Tuesday, so only have Monday to work!! Mwah!

    1. that other 'name' is from my other blog I just started here on blogger; not sure about it yet.

      whoo hoo re: only one work day to deal with!!

  7. Cym, fortunately this trip is only undertaken a couple of times a year and usually I stay over for a couple of days, breaking up the journey. On this occasion I had to be there just for a day, which sucks.

    I don't envy you having to get up regularly at that hour, but I know some people are naturally early risers/morning people. I don't fall into that category!

  8. Undina, thanks. Sunday is looking good so far - blue skies and spring is here, so yay!



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