Monday, 12 March 2012

A desire for more citrus

It isn't often that you will see me write these words in the heading of a post. Those who follow my blog will probably know that while I am not averse to citrus fragrances, it is not a family that I gravitate to naturally.

Having said that, when the weather warms up just a little, teasing us in March of the good things to come, even I can't resist getting out the citrus samples and spraying with abandon.

Today was one such day here in Kent, England, and I revisited two samples of perfumes I have come to enjoy very much in the citrus genre, DS & Durga Petitgrain and Parfum d'Empire Azemour. They are both extremely well done perfumes and today Petitgrain came out on top - it smelled fabulous; full of the joys of spring. I couldn't help but feel uplifted.

Do any of you have any other recommendations for citrus perfumes that could have a similar effect for me?


  1. Of course O de Lancome, what else :), and Tuscan Soul by Ferragamo which is fantasic layered over something woody like Encre Noir or some such.

  2. Atelier's Orange Sanguine surely makes me smile!

  3. Jade, I haven't tried either of those, so thanks for the suggestions.

  4. Frida, I've tried Orange Sanguine and it smells lovely, but it is a touch fleeting for me. Do you not find that?

    1. Unfortunately, yes, hence why I haven't bought a decant/small bottle yet :(

  5. Perhaps you should buy a massive bottle and reapply generously! ;-)

  6. There is a citrus conversation going on on Katie Puckrik's blog right now too. I'll make the same rec: Monsieur Balmain!

  7. Elisa, Balmain is another one that I haven't tried and really should see if I can get hold of a sample. Thanks!

  8. Terre de Bois - Miller Harris - lemony with herbs , resins and some vetiver.

    Cravache - Robert Piguet - lemony with herbs and oak moss.

    Azure Lime but it's not complex.

  9. Saif, thanks for the suggestions. I've tried Terre de Bois a few times but not the other two, so hopefully I shall track these down at some point!



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