Wednesday, 4 April 2012

April - a damp squib and a cold

I am on holiday for the next week and true to form, after days of glorious spring sunshine, the weather turned, reverting to a much colder, breezy and wet early April. Oh well, that's weather for you, but strange how often it snows during Monday morning rush hour, rather than on the weekend, when we can all enjoy it, or how the whole working week can be sunny and warm, with it turning cold and damp by the weekend!

On the subject of cold, I have 'acquired' one myself, which is mildly irritating at the start of a holiday. Of more concern to someone like myself (and you, dear reader, I am sure) is how a cold affects one's sense of smell. On this occasion, I have completely lost my sense of smell. I am not exaggerating; I literally cannot smell a single thing, foul or otherwise. Even my taste has been affected a bit, although not to the same extent. I could walk into a public toilet that would usually have me wanting to put a peg on my nose and it would smell like the most sanitised, neutral space in the world! I can only hope that this is a very temporary affliction, otherwise I am in trouble.

I hate to start April on such a negative note. I am sure it will get better. For example I am looking forward to meeting a fellow perfumista from the USA next week, who will be in London for a few days.

Happy sniffing, all.


  1. Isn't that how it often goes?! I recommend rest and fluids. Thank heavens I havn't had a cold in years - could it be because I'm not around children much?

  2. I noticed colds usually happen on days when you're off work. :) At least in my case.
    Anyway, I hope you get better soon and your smell returns even faster.

  3. Cym, I have noticed that since we had kids, particularly as they've started going to school, I've had a lot of colds.

  4. Ines, its what I call Murphy's Law, and amazing how often it seems to happen like that - no wonder people can be superstitious at times!

  5. Michael, get better soon! From the school time I remember that feeling of unfairness - to get sick during a school break. As we get older the feeling doesn't go away.

  6. Undina, thank you. I am feeling better already and thankfully my sense of smell, while not completely back to normal, is a lot better than it was!



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