Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wednesday scent of the day

I continue to work through my recently acquired samples from Les Senteurs and today I tried Cedre Sandaraque by Parfumerie Generale and Angeliques sous la Pluie by Frederic Malle. 

For some reason I was expecting to like the PG and find the Malle a bit of a letdown. Don't ask me why. Instead it panned out the other way round. While I didn't mind Cedre Sandaraque, it didn't wow me. I know perfumes can be slow burners and win one over in the long run, but initially I find it a bit bland. It has that PG touch of course - woods, slightly gourmand without being cloying and a strange berry/fruity note which while not department store fruity, is just a bit off putting, at least to me. Maybe it's the Sandarac note, which apparently is a resin obtained from a tree that grows in north-west Africa and has a slightly fruity, balsamic, warm aroma.

Angeliques sous la Pluie was created by Jean-Claude Ellena, but for some reason, while quite light and sheer, a J-C hallmark, this did not really smell to me like the work he has done at Hermes for example. It's a simple perfume, with a bit of pink pepper, angelica and cedar, but it smells lovely. I've read a lot of reviews that describe it as a very fleeting perfume, but on my skin it lasted all day. Yes, it was very much a skin scent, but gorgeous at that, and perfectly unisex. In the past I have steered clear of it, as it's name sounds so feminine to me. I wish I had tried it earlier!


  1. I'm loving Ellena's work more and more every day!
    Other than your love for foodier scents, I believe we're scent siblings!

  2. Ellena is a genius. Period.

    And he's hot. Bonus.

    Angeliques sous la Pluie is now a must try!

  3. Frida, I haven't been a massive fan of Ellena's work generally. I like his stuff, but I find his work for Hermes in particular has been very tight and controlled, or samey. That's just my point of view of course. I did really like Angeliques and Declaration by Cartier which he did quite a long time ago now. I should also try his Bigarade for Malle and see what that is like.

    Thanks for commenting again!

  4. Josephine, I'll take your word for how hot JC is! Yeah, see if you can get a sample of Angeliques. It is very uncomplicated and quiet, but there is a definite beauty to it, I think.



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