Sunday, 13 February 2011

Another visit to Les Senteurs, and some samples

Following on from my last post, as I mentioned, I spent the day in London with my family, but also managed a short visit to Les Senteurs in Elizabeth Street, Belgravia. I've gone on quite a bit about this niche perfume store in the past, and my opinion hasn't changed. If you want personal, unhurried service, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and great perfumes, then you can do a hell of a lot worse than pay a visit to this perfume institution.

On Saturday the store was busier than I have found it in the past, so I took my time and leisurely tried a few perfumes on paper that I haven't tried in the past. I always feel so good coming here. There's an atmosphere about this shop that just feels 'right'. It's hard to describe, but it feels a perfume shop for perfume lovers, owned and staffed in turn by perfume lovers. I asked for some samples and a lovely lady decanted six samples for me without hesitation. I always feel slightly guilty doing this, but Les Senteurs positively encourage you to go away with samples. I think unlike the large department stores, they realise that by building up customer loyalty and a client relationship, and giving you ample opportunity to try a perfume properly that costs sometimes well over a hundred pounds, they are more likely to make a sale in the long term, and have repeat business. I should mention that I don't just take the piss at Les Senteurs - I have bought from them before and regularly purchase samples online, which they currently charge £3 a sample for. Which is not unreasonable, considering the vials contain a very generous quantity of perfume.

The samples I got on this occasion are:

Molinard - Chypre Orient
Frederic Malle - Angeliques sous la Pluie
Parfumerie Generale - Cedre Sandaraque
Andy Tauer - Eau d'Epices
Frapin et Cie - Terre de Sarment
Caron - Secret Oud

So, I am quite excited to try these, particularly Secret Oud, which as I mentioned before, I saw at Harrods and was staggered by the price, so I was pleased to get a free sample of this. And what name is more lovely for a perfume than Angeliques sous la Pluie?

So next time you are in London, do yourself a favour and try pay a visit to this great place, or if you can't, have a look at their website instead and see what they have got. Just for the record, I have absolutely nothing to do with Les Senteurs. I like mentioning them because they are so good for perfume lovers, and that's what I know you, readers, are too!


  1. Michael, I'm glad to see you got a few samples; very intrigued by the Caron - honestly, this is my first knowledge of it.

    I am hoping to come to London in 2011 or 2012, depending on the work and travel activity of the year. When I do, would love to get together for an afternoon of perfume sniffing and shopping. I could use a tour guide to the best spots and would love visiting those spots with another perfume lover. Would that be possible for you?

    How is Hannah? I read your post about her being burned and provided a lengthy comment which was promptly eaten. Feeling pissy, I didn't write it again, but was thinking of her and of you. Sending best wishes.

  2. I wonder what you will think of Terre de Sarment. I bought a bottle for my boyfriend and I absolutely love it. It smells very sexy. :)

  3. I am curious about Chypre Orient, I love chypre scents. I really love eau d'epices, i think i have sample of terre de sarment,but not tried yet. about the rest, i have never tried them.

  4. Vintage Lady, I was curious about Chypre Orient too, hence the sample. It has iris in it, which always interests me, so am looking forward to how it plays out in a chypre context.

  5. Ines, I really love Caravelle Epice, which is partly why I was keen to try another in the Frapin line. I'll let you know my thoughts on Terre once I've tried it.

  6. Josephine thank you for your kind comment and thinking about Hannah. She is perfectly fine thank goodness! Regarding yoru visit to London, its a date! I'd love to meet you and visit a few perfume spots. Let me know if/when you do plan to come over.

  7. Les Senteurs is just wonderful, isn't it. And the staff are always brilliant.

  8. Thanks for dropping by Persolaise. Yes, my sentiments exactly.



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