Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum

Well, I tried the new Jimmy Choo perfume that was launched here in the UK today (I think). It is described as a fruity chypre. The opening is in my opinion horrendous, a cloying fruity mess that evokes all the ubiquitous horror of the woman's mainstream modern fruity-floral or fruitchouli (take your pick). 

Luckily the rest of the fragrance turns out to be ok. I stress ok. This is, again in my opinion only, a very average, very ordinary, very been-there-done-that perfume. I have smelled worse, a lot worse, but that's all I can really say about this perfume.

Jimmy Choo brings nothing new to perfume, and neither offends nor compels one to explore further. Am I being harsh? Perhaps yes, but to call this a fruity chypre? Come on. Jimmy Choo is to Guerlain Mitsouko as a Renault Twingo is to an Aston Martin. (Apologies to Renault Twingo owners). Pass....


  1. Vintage Lady, is that a wow as in 'disappointed' or simply 'oh dear, what is he on about'? Not sure if you've got this yet in your neck of the woods, but give it a go. Perhaps it isn't as average as I make it out to be!



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