Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Tuesday scent of the day and holiday thoughts

We haven't been on a proper holiday for a long time. This year is hopefully going to be different. However, like my recent prevaricating with perfume samples, we have been struggling to decide where to go for a week or two (no work, but no Cliff either, please). I'm rather keen on a relaxing beach holiday, that doesn't entail too much effort. I'm usually a relatively adventurous traveller, but since we've had kids, I'm less enthusiastic. I really want them to have a good time and to my mind a sandy beach, warm weather and buckets and spades sounds good.

So, I've been looking at South-West France, particularly the Languedoc and Gascony, or possibly somewhere around the French or Spanish Pyranees. However, Brittany is appealing too, and easier to get to, particularly by ferry. 

Another part of my mind, primarily the lazy one, is set on simplicity, like a package tour to one of the Canary Islands, or Madeira, or perhaps even Ibiza or Mallorca. Ibiza is not as crazy as it seems. I've been told that there is far more to the island than clubbing and Cafe Del Mar. Another destination I've been toying with is the Azores. 

I was shown an advert by a colleague today that was advertising very affordable self-catering accommodation at some exotic sounding beach, which name I can't remember. It sounded great, but turns out it was in the Falkland Islands, which interesting though it is, I'm sure, is a tad far away for me this year!

So, what about my scent of the day? Well, it was Secret Oud, by Caron. I will review this in more detail another day, but save to say that it is very well done. I think if you are expecting a great big blast of oud with a massive Middle-Eastern aura about it, then you might be disappointed. But Caron being Caron, this is a sophisticated and lovely take on the note, with the added delight of a soft, sweet, yet not cloying rose, with a bit of incense and smooth woods. It's not a screamer, but in many ways all the better for it. Watch this space...


  1. Now I'm positive that I must try Caron Secret Oud. Sounds lovely and different than the ouds I usually like.

    I'm always up for different.

    How fortunate you are to live by so many great vacation spots - good luck in picking just the right one for you and your family.

  2. Josephine, I think you might enjoy Secret Oud. I'm not sure where in the US you might find it though. I am fortunate to live close to Europe, with all its attractions. Having said that, sometimes having these places on one's doorstep does not mean I take advantage of it!

  3. I can recommend the Collioure area in Rousillon or the area around Marseillan/Sete in Languedoc. Beautiful climate, beautiful landscape, great people, fantastic food and wine, and always plenty to do if you want or plenty not to do if you don't.. Many happy weeks have I spent in both places.

  4. Thanks for the comment JGI. I've been reading up quite a lot on the Languedoc and it does seem quite appealing. As you say, I can imagine it being sweltering in August, and probably very busy too.

  5. Yes, beyond sweltering at times, and very busy.



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