Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A belated thought on Valentines Day

Call me the scrooge of Saint Valentine, but I don't generally enjoy this day. I can't even really say why. The tempting answer is that one shouldn't need an excuse to express one's love for another, or spend ridiculous amounts of money on cards, roses and chocolates. I used to do this, but over the last decade my wife and I have agreed not to do anything special. So, I am not a romantic then. Oh well. Having said that, I have no issues with anyone else enjoying or celebrating this day, so if you did, then I hope you and your partner had a good time.

So what did I do on Valentines Day then? Well, nothing really, other than what I usually do on a working Monday, which is go to work, sit through boring meetings and wear perfume of course.

I tried two of my newly acquired samples, Frapin's Terre de Sarment and Andy Tauer's Eau d'Epices. I like them both. Very much. 

I must say that the Tauer takes the cake though. It's very good indeed. It's very much in the same spirit as Orange Star, I think. In fact add warm, snuggly spices to Orange Star and reduce the orange level, and you get Eau d'Epices. More or less. It's not quite that straightforward. I love them both though - they feel warm, cozy, bright, happy.

Terre de Sarment is also very nice, but I think I prefer Caravelle Epicee a bit more. I don't know why this line receives so little attention. Certainly what I've tried so far is very wearable and certainly worth sampling.


  1. Michael, I've been wondering the same thing. I really like Frapins, some more, some less but they are all really good.
    Can I suggest you try Terre on your wife? It smelled better on my skin than on my boyfriend's (well, to me at least). :)

  2. Ha, Ines funny you say that. I let me wife smell both my wrists last night and she didn't like the Tauer so much, but thought the Terre was very nice. I'll try convince her to try it - she's usually reluctant to go with my recommendations!

  3. On Valentine's I tried Orange Sanguine by Atelier Cologne. Really wonderful and happy scent.



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