Saturday, 23 February 2013

What I am....

Keith Richard's autobiography, Life. An excellent read and while no doubt it has been edited,  equally no doubt this is Keith's own view on life and his words. I especially like the first half of the book, which deals, more or less chronologically, with his youth, the formation of the Rolling Stones and most interesting for me, the period during which they made some of their greatest albums, that great period from 1968 to 1972, starting with Beggars Banquet and ending with Exile on Main Street. The most interesting tidbits include musical influences, mostly blues artists, but also a lot of 1950s rock 'n roll stars, ranging from Elvis to Chuck Berry. In my opinion the final 50 pages are a bit weak, as the whole story just peters out with a series of random anecdotes and musings, including a safari trip to southern Africa, his recipe for bangers and mash and so forth. Slightly frustratingly, he doesn't ever remark on what made the Rolling Stones have such longevity and why they are still playing together almost fifty years later. Nevertheless, a very good book indeed.

Listening to:
Unsurprisingly, I'm revisiting a lot of the Stones' catalogue, especially that 68-72 period. 

Lots of kids' films - unsurprising considering I have two children aged 6 and almost 4. I also watched Sideways again last night. I've seen it a number of times, but hadn't watched it for about five years. I still think it is a great movie.

Well, you can gauge most of that from this very blog, but I have particularly enjoyed wearing Amouage's Opus VI a few times this week. A lovely perfume and in my opinion the best of Amouage's releases from the last two to three years.

I went to my town's top-rated restaurant this week, for a business lunch. The food was decent, but sometimes I am skeptical of the myriad smears, trails and patterns of gravies, sauces and coulies that accompany a lot of these dishes. Sometimes I think they detract from, rather than add to the quality of the dish.

Lots of cold snow flurries. It is cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey here!


  1. Reading: A kind of bleh short story anthology - but it's nice because I don't have to think too much.
    Listening to: Other than my husband's music, usually I listen to a classical radio station. Though this reminds me that I should turn on BBC6 on Fridays! (well not turn on, because I get it through the interwebs)
    Watching: WAYYYY tooo much television. We just finished watching Doc Martin, and are viewing Being Human.
    Smelling: I am really enjoying Mojo Magique - I need to post about perfume one of these years.
    Eating: A lot of rice and veg.
    Seeing: The grass peak out from the melting snow.

    I was/am? a Rolling Stones fan - much more than the Beatles or the Who. During high school that was the three choices. Now I enjoy them all. Plus I have a huge crush on George.

    This was fun - thanks Michael!

    1. Carol, I used to be a massive Beatles fan (and still am really) and overlooked the Stones. I'm very glad that I've become a lot better acquainted with them now. The Who are good, and I must admit that I have a fondness for The Kinks!

      Mojo Magique? It shows how out of touch I am getting when it doesn't ring the remotist bell for me!

  2. Reading- 44 scotland street series (at your recommendation)- I love Alexander McCall Smith- Have you read the Isabel Dalhousie novels? This was my intro to this brilliant author. Favorite quote from the book I am reading now:"Bertie could smell the scent that she used, the scent that he had always liked. It was lavender, he thought, or something like that. In his mind it was the smell of kindness".
    Listening- Music for Yoga, Music for Mediation: I need to keep a sense of calm and equanimity in my life these days!
    Watching- Finished up Misomer Murders and Downton Abbey (but awaiting season 3 on HULU) and currently watching The Last Detective
    Smelling- SSS Cocoa Sandalwood, Jour Ensolielle, Lieu de Reives, Marona for Men Cedar Lavender and Pacifica's Mediterranean Fig and French Lavender
    Eating- trying to be healthy with organic fruits/veggies and grass fed beef. drinking an exhorbitant amount of tea to keep my tiny body warm
    Seeing-way too much snow...when will spring arrive? I need warmer weather!

  3. Brie I have read the Isobel Dalhousie novels - they are excellent. To my mind Alexander McCall Smith is sort of a Henry James of our times, in the sense of his mastery of the commonplace minutiae of everyday societal life. I've never got into Downton Abbey to be honest, but I know it is very popular. Thanks for commenting!



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