Thursday, 28 February 2013

Adventures in Department Store Land Part 1 (Hoopers)

Hoopers, one of our local department stores, carries an interesting and varied range of perfumes. In recent months, they have stocked the entire Ineka line, which to me is remarkable, as I haven't seen Ineka sold anywhere else, although I am sure there are some London stores that likely carry the line.

I was in Hoopers this week and the new Hermes was in store. I only smelled it on paper, so can't really comment at this stage. I let my wife smell it, who remarked how floral it smells, but she did like it. Hoopers also stock a few of the Commes des Garcons line, such as Man, 2 Man, Wonderwood and Amazing Green. I love Commes des Garcons, so am very happy to see them make an appearance in Tunbridge Wells. I can't say that I liked Amazing Green very much (I did wear it on skin) - it smells strangely aquatic and not very green at all to my nose. Wonderwood was a much more enjoyable experience.

I hope all these perfumes sell very well - that's one way of almost guaranteeing they'll continue to be stocked.


  1. So good to hear that you can perfume shop so close to home!

    1. Carol I am fortunate - for a relatively small town we have a very good selection.



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