Monday, 25 February 2013

A sniff of Liberty

I was in London today 'on business' (i.e I spent more time traveling to and from London and getting stuck on the Underground rather than doing actual work) and as usual, no trip is complete without a quick stop at Liberty, one of my favourite London department stores.

I noticed Liberty is carrying two new lines (or new to me anyway, as they weren't stocked the last time I was there in January, as far as I can recall), Arquiste and Agonist. I have read so much about Anima Dulcis, one of the bloggers' favourites from 2012. I wore it today and I must say, my initial impression is less enthusiastic than the reviews I've read. For a start, the so-called animalic undertones are missing on my skin, save perhaps for a brief puff right at the start. On my skin this perfume is fairly sweet, with lots of milky cocoa. Look, it isn't bad, and I can't (or shouldn't rather) judge a perfume based only on one try, but to me Anima Dulcis is not totally my cup of tea.

I didn't wear an Agonist, but I did spray Black Amber on a scent strip. It smells more of incense than amber on paper, and in the dry down it reminds me of a tamer Messe de Minuit.

I did wear Commes des Garcons Luxe Patchouli. Mmm, mmm, mmm - now we're talking. Its a gorgeous take on patchouli in my opinion. It smells rich, deep and almost liqueur-like. Pity about the price though. Far too steep for my measly wallet unfortunately. Sob.


  1. I'm noticing quite "the love fest" happening between you and Luxe Patchouli! It might be time to start regularly tucking the odd euros into a special savings account - you neeeed a bottle. ;-)

    (Arquist didn't do it for me, either)

    1. Cym, love is blind they say, but not my wallet, fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it)!

  2. Let us hope you come into some money and can treat yourself to a bottle of Luxe Patchouli :) !!

    1. Brie, I suppose I can always pin my hopes on that rich aunt I never about, who is on the brink of leaving me thousands in her will... ;-)



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