Monday, 23 April 2012

On perfume 'compliments'

I don't receive a lot of perfume compliments. Actually, on reflection, I don't receive any perfume compliments. 

What I can rely on though, is honesty from my good wife.

Today I wore Lorenzo Villoresi's Patchouli, which I've written about briefly before. I personally think it is quite a nice patchouli perfume, but I always subject my perfumes to the acid test - the scrutiny of my wife's nose.

When I got home this evening I presented my wrist to her in the usual fashion, saying: "smell this, I'm sure you'll like it."(I'm forever an optimist)

My wife's brief but eloquent response was: "Ew, you smell like rat poison!"

Thinking about it, patchouli, with its musty, mothball-like odour, could smell like some sort of pesticide.

For the record, I still like Lorenzo Villoresi's Patchouli. Lorenzo, if you're reading this post, no offence mate, my wife is just like that sometimes...


  1. I believe I've read that in the past patchouli leaves were packed in along with fabrics/textiles to keep out critters during transport so it seems as though your wife's nose is correct!

    One person's rat-poison is another person's silk-road exotic!

  2. I don't receive perfume compliments either, and I rely on my husband to tell me what smells good "to him", since according to him - he is the only one that matters.

    His comments ranges from "Oh God that is awful", "It makes my nose tickle", "That is not a good smell", to the very blase "It's ok". It's ok means it doesn't bother him, it doesn't smell overly chemical, and just that, "it's ok". Not good, just ok.

    I've yet to find a perfume that he likes, let alone a scent family that he likes...

  3. Cym, my wife has a very sensitive nose, as I might have mentioned before, particularly after she went through her pregnancies. She's not a patch fan, sadly!

  4. Turbovivi, on the positive side, at least your husband appears to tolerate your perfume! Thanks for commenting and hopefully you will find something that wows him one day!

  5. It depends for me. It seems that some colognes will give me a lot more silage than others (just as with anyone), and those that do so tend to garner more compliments. I don't receive them a lot either but it sure is nice when a cute girl goes out of her way to do so.. : )

  6. I had a sample of this which I gave to my boyfriend. He likes it and wears it well. However I witnessed another guy react poorly to it the other day. It's strong stuff! Better in the drydown than on first application, IMO.

  7. Elisa, when you say react poorly, what exactly happened?

  8. A couple of months ago, after another discussion on somebody's blog, I decided to start marking in my scent diary perfumes that got me a compliment or a complaint (that also happens). I do count my vSO's opinions but only when he volunteers them. Responses to my prompts to smell my wrist and tell do not count (as valid compliments, I mean).



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