Friday, 14 October 2011

Weekend roundup

Well, it's weekend again here in the UK, and another mostly unseasonal one its been. It still hasn't turned very cool, although the nights are drawing in very quickly now. The clocks turn back on the 30th and it is almost Halloween! I can't believe how fast this year is going. Again...

Perfume-wise it has been good though. I've worked through my Serge Lutens samples and was also very pleased to encounter Tubereuse Criminelle. The only one I haven't written about yet is Iris Silver Mist. I'll have to save that for another week.

As the weather is so strange and unseasonal, I don't really know what to try on. Just when I think it is cooling down, the days will end warmly, with some humidity. I don't really want to wear any citrus or light perfumes now, but at the same time I don't feel quite ready for the heavies. 

My wife is running a 10km race for charity on Sunday, in London's Hyde Park. She's getting very fit and I do envy her. I wish I would get off my arse and start getting in shape. Well, there's always next week...

So, two questions:
  • what perfume to wear during change of seasons?
  • what perfume would you wear to a sports event, assuming you are merely a spectator?
Have a good weekend.


  1. Here in the Pacific NW the fall temps are so similar to spring that I've managed to wear some light florals like Apres l'Ondee and Aqua Allegoria Jasminora. Mostly though, the not-too-heavy woods and incenses are best. CdG 'Hinoki', Pacifica 'Tibetan Mountain 'Temple', L. Villoresi 'Sandalo' have been perfect this past week.

    Sporting events I can't help you with, but I'm reading great reviews of B. Dylan's current concerts in the UK and am wondering if you're planning to attend any and what perfume would you wear. : )

  2. Oh, wait! I forgot to add AbdesSalaam 'Mecca Balsam'. I LOVE wearing this one now. : D

  3. Cymbaline, I wore Mecca Balsam today after you mentioned it, and also CdG's Ouzarzarte. They both did seem quite appropriate for a warm autumn day.

    I'm not going to any Dylan concerts I'm afraid. What would I wear? Jeez, I don't really know. I'm trying to think of something that would fit with Dylan. Perhaps some challenging oud fragrance like By Kilian Oud or Le Labo's one!

  4. I'm sorry to hear that there aren't any BD concerts in your future, but your choice of fragrances is perfect, either one would complement the wafts of ever-present Nag Champa. ; )

  5. Ha, I was also thinking something heavy on the patch would be good, but not necessarily in a hippie sort of way...



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