Saturday, 15 October 2011

Samples frustration

As some of you might recall, I ordered a whole bunch of samples from The Perfumed Court in September. 22 September to be precise. About 10 days later I received the first lot of samples, which was great. I didn't think 10 days was necessarily unreasonable coming from the USA to the UK. Then a few days later I received an email stating that because one of my other samples still wasn't in stock they would send the rest of the samples rather than delaying any further. That was on 3 October. On 8 October I received about six emails stating that my order had shipped. I presume each email related to a separate shipment, or perhaps not. I really don't know. Well, it is now 15 October and I still haven't received anything.

I hate to be picky and come across as a moaner, because I usually am not, I promise you, but I do find this delay a bit unreasonable. I ordered about 20 samples and to date have only received 9 of them. Now I know the people who run The Perfumed Court do it mostly part time (I think) and that they are each based in different parts of the USA and thus stock is not located in a central location, but still, I think this service is just a bit tardy, considering I did part  with close on $100 more than three weeks ago and so far I have less than 50% of what I paid for.

I'd be interested in finding out what your experiences have been, if any. I'd prefer if you emailed me rather than posted here, because my intention is not to bad mouth The Perfumed Court, but I do find my experience with them a bit patchy. Still, I do like what they stock, which is a fantastic select of often hard-to-find stuff.


  1. Hi Michael,

    For what it's worth, my experience with TPC has been fine, but I should point out that sometimes I have had to wait absolutely ages for things to arrive from the States. Oh, and in the interests of fairness, I should also mention that I think I've only ever made two purchases from TPC.

    My main comment about them is that I think they're too expensive, which is one reason I haven't bought very much from them.

    Have you raised your concerns with them? Perhaps there's a good reason for this particular delay.

    By the way, I realise I haven't left many comments on your blog lately, but I do still (just about!) keep up with it and enjoy it.

  2. Persolaise nice to hear from you. As you point out, it may just be that postal times to the UK from the US are taking much longer. They can be pricey, as you state, which is probably why I haven't ordered much from them either, but I do like the choice they offer.

  3. Michael, I have placed just one order withTPC and had a similar experience: a part of my order had arrived reasonably fast and the second part (from another person) took longer to arrive - and I'm in the U.S. If I remember it correctly, Denver sorting center was mentioned as a culprit. So it might be this part of you order is coming from there. It'll arrive soon, don't be upset.

  4. Undina, thanks for the comforting balm of words, but I want those samples. Now! Hopefully they'll arrive soon.



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