Saturday, 29 October 2011

Acqua di Parma? It must be getting to Christmas!

I don't know what it is like in north America, Europe or anywhere else for that matter, but here in the UK the countdown to Christmas appears well underway. Marks and Spencer is already stocking mince pies and the department stores have been taken over by Christmas decorations, whisky bottles and fancy chocolates. Never mind that it isn't even Halloween yet.

Something I've noticed since becoming more interested in perfume is that Acqua di Parma always seems to step up its presence and advertising in the run up to Christmas. Perhaps it is just more noticeable, but I don't really notice them any other time of year. The strange thing for me is that I don't think that any of the perfumes in Acqua di Parma's range is really suited to the colder winter months, especially Christmas, when I think of roaring fires, spicy puddings, rich meals, cosying up in snug clothes sipping warmed alcoholic drinks and all that cliched stuff. I mean, most of the perfumes in the range, for men at least, are essentially citrus colognes, albeit very well done ones, while in the ladies range you have powdery florals of iris and magnolia. Hardly the stuff of winter, I think.

Maybe that's not the point. After all, a lot of people, especially when buying gifts for others, might not necessarily think of what perfumes are suited to a season, particularly if they only buy perfume once a year. I'm not intending to come across snobbish. People are welcome to do what they want to. It's just that I'm surprised that Acqua di Parma is associated with Christmas time in my mind. 

As a general question, although it's obviously a matter of personal choice, do you have any perfume in mind that reminds you especially of the Christmas season?


  1. Hi Michael,

    My first response to your Christmas/perfume question was that I didn't have one, but the falling leaves, shorter days and colder temps have recently had me reaching for appropriate perfumes and yesterday I realized that Ormonde Jayne Woman is my Christmas perfume.

    I love this perfume and have owned it for a few years, but only wear it in December and so when I read this post it seemed like a good time figure out why. After a healthy spritz to the back of my hand and an hour of sniffs all is revealed. I distinctly smell the spicy cardamom opening mixed with evergreen foliage that fades into the coziness of sweet amber, all of which mirror perfectly the smells of our Pacific NW holiday season.

    This is such a beautiful perfume, it really does deserve to be worn more often and I think 'this' winter is the time to start!

  2. Cymbaline, that is a great description. I've read about Ormonde Jayne Woman a lot, but never had the chance to try it myself. The only ones I've tried are Champaca and Isfarkand. Fumerie Turque from Serge Lutens reminds me a lot of winter, as does anything with cloves, orange and cinnamon. DSH's Festive is a case in point. Thanks for commenting!



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