Monday, 10 October 2011

How the time has flown...

I can still remember the day clearly. My wife and I flew to the UK on 9 October 2001, about to embark on an adventure (not through time and space) and a new life in England. We had two suitcases and enough cash to last us for about a month, if that.

Ten years on, we are still here, and now own a house (well, actually the bank owns it, more or less), have two children, furniture and a hell of a lot more 'stuff' than could be fit into two suitcases.

Are we better people ten years later? I like to think so. In a way it feels like I've fit more into a decade than I did into the first three decades of my life.

This is a perfume blog, but I'd like to dedicate this post to England, and its people, who've made us feel welcome and offered us a life of opportunity.


  1. congratulations on your family and here's to many more happy years together!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Frida, appreciate it!

  3. Moving to a different country seems like quite a challenge. Congratulations on your success! "Looking for adventure", "job opportunities" and "a change of lifestyle" are some of the reasons I've heard given for major moves. Can you share what prompted you and your wife's decision?

  4. Cymbaline, initially ours was to travel and see the world I suppose. Included in that was a change of lifestyle certainly. Job opportunities didn't figure, other than the need to earn enough to fund the travel. However after about 5 years our lives changed a lot once we bought a house and had our first child. The rest is history!!

  5. Hey, you forgot to mention a cat! ;)

    As somebody who undertook a similar endeavor just a several years before you did I think I know how you feel. Congratulations!

  6. Yes, so true Undina. Sorry cat, you deserve a mention too! Thanks for your kind words.



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