Monday, 12 December 2011

A weekend visit to London

This weekend we stayed over with our closest friends at their flat in Limehouse, which is adjacent to Canary Wharf in London. It was with great sadness that they told us they are leaving the UK in April next year, after spending ten years here. After much thought, they feel that they aren't happy here any longer and are returning to Melbourne in Australia. For us it is a blow, of course, as we are very close and have spent a lot of happy times together here in England. However, we want them to be truly happy and I hope this move home will be good for them.

On Sunday we all met up with some other friends of ours, formerly from London but now living in Bonn, Germany. They had a little baby girl a few months ago and it was great to see them all. We visited a German Christmas market on the South Bank and generally had a good time, despite the dreary grey weather.

I didn't wear a lot of perfume this weekend, but somehow it felt appropriate not to. When I don't feel especially happy I also don't feel like wearing perfume...


  1. I hope it's ok to comment that late: I'm just catching up with my reading.

    I hate changes so for me any friends' moving, changing place of living, etc. is a big deal. I realize that they all have their own life and understand that those choices are good for them but it makes me sad. Though I do not wear any perfume only if I'm sick (or somebody else is and I don't want to bother them).

  2. Undina, that's ok. Any comment from you is welcome! I still feel sad about our friends leaving and I too am not that fond of change. I am a Cancerian, after all....



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