Saturday, 24 December 2011

Oh the joy - Christmas Party part 2

In the interest of mundaneness, I thought I would let you know how my Christmas party went. As far as these events go, it was a moderate success. I only got moderately inebriated and managed to leave with my dignity intact. I often find office parties surreal. Perhaps it is because I work with these people day-in-day-out that it is strange to see them let their hair down and become sort of normal people, as normal as people can be at an event as contrived as office events tend to be. 

Oh by the way, if you were interested, the perfume I wore to the event is Mona Di Orio's Cuir. It's a hard core leather on my skin and teeters between compulsive and repulsive. Typically, it is one of those perfumes that takes time to appreciate.


  1. Reading your thoughts on office parties makes me glad all over again that my workplace no longer does them. What can you talk about that hasn't been hashed to death already? I work with wonderful people, but I spend way too much time with them already!

    Very brave of you to wear Cuir! I was overwhelmed by the little bit I tried and never revisited. Did you get any feedback - positive/negative? or are your co-workers so used to your perfume eccentricities that they just roll with whatever you wear? : )

  2. Cymbaline, that's possibly a problem I too have with work colleagues. I spend more time with most of them than I do with my own family. Sad, but true! There's also the danger of talking shop - especially among fellow accountants. We're notorious for it.

    No one commented on Cuir. Perhaps most of my colleagues just assume I have a fetish for plastic, vinyl and leather!

  3. I love parties (office ones included). Maybe because we don't have them too often. The only one that takes place on a weekend - Winter Holidays Party (to be PC) - is for employees and their families (including kids of any age). And all others, informal, are during the regular work hours so nobody complains about getting some food and drinks instead of working.
    "...most of my colleagues just assume..." - :)

  4. Undina, I know many other people who do like office parties too. Perhaps it is just my slightly more reserved nature. Our office parties never include partners and families, so it always feels like an extended office day, albeit usually a drunken one, which I don't particularly like.



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