Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Random December musings

I can't help but notice how each year the sales start earlier than before. Traditionally, we used to get the New Year sales, then they started on Boxing Day and then last year I noticed sales in the fortnight leading up to Christmas.

This year lots of retailers, particularly online ones, started all sorts of sales in November and to be honest, thinking about it now there have been sales on during almost every month I can think of. This is clearly indicative of the dire state of the UK and EU economies and for all I know it might be just as bad in the US and other parts of the world. I find it quite depressing really. While I know these retailers are simply trying to move merchandise and kick start their stalling financial results, I'm not convinced it does anything other than paper over the all-to-obvious cracks in our economy.

Well, this has absolutely nothing to do with perfume really. Interestingly, a lady I work with emailed us all with vouchers from The Body Shop offering 50% off all their stock before lunchtime, or something to that affect. It boggles the mind, while for the last two weeks Amazon has been going crazy over Black Friday, Cyber Monday and God knows what other days that deserve some faintly disturbing-yet-catchy name.

I'm waiting for some samples to arrive from a generous friend, but while I wait, I'm wearing perfumes I've worn before. Today I tried an interesting layering combination of Ambre Precieux and Leather Oud. I thought the animalic take by Dior might work interestingly with MPG's softer, powdery amber. Sadly Leather Oud (and I only lightly touched it to my wrist) overpowered everything and it didn't quite work. Generally I'm still not convinced by Ambre Precieux. I find it a little too sweet and powdery for my tastes, although I know it has its ardent fans, which is great.

Well, I'm off to watch Celebrity Masterchef now, sad being that I am!


  1. Without argueing about the state of the economy, I just wanted to mention that in the U.S. there are always some sales going on. At least this is how I remember it for the last 10 years.

    After-Christmas/New Year sale => St. Valentine's Day sale => Presidents Day Sale => Winter Sale => Spring Sale => Memorial Day Sale => 4th of July Sale => Labor Day Sale => Fall/Halloween/whatever Sale => Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale => Christmas Sale. And in between that multiple one/two/three-day sales in each store, anniversary, half-year and so forth sales.

    It should be really annoying/upsetting/sad if it's something new for your area but I'm so used to those sales that it's hard for me to remember when was the last time I bought a full-priced item (if not to count perfumes).

    ~ Undina ~

  2. Undina, there are a lot of sales in the UK as well, year-round, but I'm fairly convinced that this year has been worse than usual. For me it seems like this must be partly a result of the economy here, but it probably isn't as simple as that. Whatever it is, I do find it a bit tiresome at times.



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