Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The blogger blues?

Since I went on holiday (and returned - two weeks in late July/early August, which felt like two days...) I've struggled to get back into blogging. You've all heard (or read) it before, so I'm not going to bore you with laments of blogger's block, etc. 

This time round, it hasn't been a case of a block. In fact, I have loads to write about. I've been to London, I've received loads of nice samples from perfume friends, I've been on holiday. Hell, I even had my mother in law stay with us for a month! The bottom line, my friends, is that I've just been plain lazy. Simple. Every evening when I get home from work, I'd rather drink a glass of wine or go to the gym, or read other people's blogs, go for a walk, eat, drink some more, read books, listen to music. Anything but blog. 

In a way, it is probably good, because there is no point in writing when your heart is not totally into it and what better time to relax and recharge the batteries than summer. Ok, here in the UK summer is usually two days, but you get my drift, hopefully!

Until fairly recently I was feeling very drained, tired and listless. Since I joined one of our local gyms just after my birthday, I am already feeling a lot better. Energised, a bit more positive about myself and my body, sleeping better, fewer headaches, less of a stiff neck. I know gym is not for everyone (and who hasn't despised a vacuous, self-absorbed gym bunny before?) but it is putting me back into a positive frame of mind and that must surely be a good thing.

So friends, my energy is returning and I can feel myself getting ready to blog with a vengeance! 


  1. I know exactly what you mean! :) I have so many ideas of what to write about but I just don't feel like doing it (has blogging become a chore?!).
    But it's been terribly hot here (we actually hit 38 degrees Celsius today) so sitting behind a computer which heats up rather quickly when I could be reading with a glass of chilled wine? No, thank you. :)

    I will deal with that soon. And I noticed the fact I started running has helped a lot with my energy levels and generally feeling better in my body.

  2. You go, gym bunny! I'm ready to READ with a vengeance : D

  3. What wine do you drink? (since we're not in the perfume-related post ;) )

  4. Ines, if I was sitting around in 38 degree weather, I too would avoid a computer/laptop, so don't blame you. A glass of cold white wine sounds very good!

  5. Undina, I drink any wine that I can lay my hands on! Perhaps I am not so base, but I don't claim to be a wine buff at all. On hot days I like chilled white wine (even if experts state that white wine shouldn't really be chilled, I've read), but generally I prefer red wine. Let's not even get into estates, varieties and vintage...

    1. When it's hot all bets are off! :)

    2. Indeed. I also find that the seasons tend to dictate my wine choices too. For example I find I naturally gravitate to heavier reds in winter or cold weather, which go well with the heavier, richer foods of winter, and in summer I like a nice cold white to go with seafood and salads, etc, which are lighter and easier to digest.



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