Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Scent of the day - Absolue Pour Le Soir

I wrote glowingly of Francis Kurkdjian's Absolue Pour Le Soir a long time ago, here. More than a year and a half later, I don't think my opinion has changed all that much. Having tried the perfume a few times since then, I am more used to its honeyed, animalic rosy incense, suffused with resins and woods, so the initial impact it made on me is slightly diminished, but not by much.

I obtained a sample of this from Les Senteurs in London a few weeks ago and wearing it today, I am struck by how distinctive it is and also by its impressive lasting power. While it is a warm and sensuous perfume, sexual even, I prefer it in cooler winter, when its seductive coziness is a warm embrace and a hint of something even more enjoyable to come, perhaps by a warm fireside later that night.

Incidentally, while I quite enjoy the original Cologne Pour Le Soir, it pales in comparison to the absolue, which is an entirely different beast altogether, the emphasis on beast!


  1. Hey I just bought a bottle of this , Francis kurkdjian was in town and I got his signature on my bottle, so happy. Nevertheless , it's my fav scent from his line. It's amazing!

  2. Hi Tony, that's great, and a signature from the man himself - well done! It's my favourite of his too.

  3. My favorite of the MFK line as well. Love, love, love this. Definately more of a winter scent and an evening scent. However, it's fun to wear at work when I am in a "don't mess with me mood!" I have yet to find anything near as distinct and sexy as this is.

  4. Steve, I have found a perfume that also strikes me as incredibly sexy and sensual, yet is mile away in many ways - Dior's Leather Oud. If you haven't tried it before, give it a go!

  5. I have not. I typically don't care for leathers, but I am willing to keep trying to find "that one!" Thanks for the tip.

  6. Steve, I can't say you'll like Leather Oud for sure, but if you can hunt down a sample, its worth a try.



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