Monday, 28 November 2011

Scent of the day - two from Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

Today I sampled DSH's Gingembre and Cardamom & Kyphi. Both of these strike me as quite simple constructions, but not inferior.

Gingembre I like because it doesn't conjure up foodie associations for me. While it smells like ginger, it isn't too sweet and confectionery-like, nor too zesty-zingy. Once the ginger fades, it smells to me like a mild amber. Nice.

Cardamom & Kyphi is a little strange. It has a very realistic cardamom opening note, but once that fades it smells almost waxy to me. I still think I like it though. It is different enough that I haven't smelled anything else quite like it.


  1. DSH line is SO huge that sometimes I wish for it to be ten times smaller because there is no way anybody can try it completely!

    I'm not familiar with these two perfumes but I'm glad that you find them interesting: the more positive reviews are out there, the better, I hope, the perfumers will do and we'll benefit from it in the end.

  2. Undina, I find the DSH perfumes I have tried very interesting for the most part. You're right that her range is huge, which can be a bit intimidating, or confusing at any rate.



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