Thursday, 3 November 2011

Scent of the day is...

Christian Dior's Leather Oud. To me its an indicator of quality when I keep on returning to a fragrance. Leather Oud just smells great. Smoothly animalic, warm, slightly leathery. Almost rosy in a way. While oud is present, this is by no means to me an oud-centric perfume. You little beauty!


  1. If to speak in non-perfumista terms, is it more masculine or a really unisex perfume?

  2. Undina, while it definitely doesn't smell feminine to me, it isn't overtly masculine either, despite the leather and oud. I think you really need to try it for yourself if you have access to a store that carries the more exclusive Dior line.

  3. Dior closed their San Francisco boutique some time ago. So, most likely, it'll be a trip to TPC.



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