Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Penhaligons Juniper Sling

I'm a little late in getting round to trying Juniper Sling, and really, only weeks away from winter, this strikes me as far more appropriate for summer.

Anyway, the notes from Penhaligons include cinnamon, orange brandy, angelica, juniper berry, cardamom, leather, black pepper, orris wood, brown sugar, black cherry, vetiver and ambrox.

To be honest, I think this is a very well done perfume, understated, chic, yet just enough to keep it interesting. Having said that, half (or more than half) these notes do not register to me at all. My listing would be gin, citrus, black and pink pepper, vetiver, cedar and musk, with perhaps a hint of suede leather. Forget cherries, sugar and orange brandy, in my opinion, and certainly on my skin.

If I were to compare it to another perfume, I would mention Ormonde Jayne's Isfarkand. It has that vibe about it, which again, is no bad thing at all.

Juniper Sling is quite possibly (actually it is) my favourite perfume from Penhaligons. Well worth seeking out.


  1. After reading several nice reviews of this perfume I tried to look for it in two stores that carry this line. In the first one (a very snobbish and extremely expensive clothes boutique an SA tried to doubt the existence of this "newest perfume" and the second one just didn't have it yet. But I hope it'll get here sooner or later.

  2. Ha ha - goes to show how ignorant some SAs can be. I can confirm it does exist Undina! Not sure of its distribution in the States, but it's been here for a while in the UK. Of course, Penhaligons is a British institution, so not surprising really!



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