Sunday, 27 November 2011

Favourites revisited

This past week was ever so slightly unusual for me in that I did not try anything new. Instead I wore some of my older favourites, which, thinking about it, is no bad thing.

What amazes me about these perfumes (why does it amaze me, it makes obvious sense really) is that each time I wear them, the memories and associations they evoke come flooding back and I always get that sense of "mmm, now I know why I love this so much".

Starting with Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan, I realise that to me it is still my amber gold standard. What I like so much about Ambre Sultan is that it is complex and smells of more than amber, although amber is the star note. It never turns powdery on me, remaining fairly dry and herbal, and I love that. Like almost all Lutens I can think of, Ambre Sultan lasts and lasts - apply it at 8 in the morning and you will still smell it clearly at bedtime, and faintly the morning after.

On to L'air du Desert Marocain and I can't help but marvel how Andy Tauer manages to create perfumes so powerful and long lasting. A word of warning - if you encounter a Tauer you don't  like, watch out, because you will still be smelling it the morning after. His perfumes have stellar lasting power. Even so, this is a wonderful perfume, full of complexities. 

Finally, Guerlain's L'Instant for Men. I own a bottle of this and every time I wear it, I know I can justify this purchase. If you want to know what a quality, mainstream men's fragrance smells like, try this. L'Instant seems to get overlooked - I hardly ever read about it. I think it is wonderful.


  1. Yes, yes, yes! I own all three of these and LOVE them!

    I was downtown today and stopped in at Barneys to sniff around a bit. The SA was really generous with samples so got lots of F. Malle- especially Une Rose (per your recommendation). Also the Numero 10 from L'Artisan. It reminded me a little of Shalimar on the scent strip. Have you tried this one yet?

  2. Cymbaline, we appear to share certain perfume tastes by the look of it?

    I hope you enjoy Une Rose. I always find it a very complex and interesting perfume.

    I haven't tried Numero 10 yet. I'm glad your department stores are so generous with Malle. In the UK it can be like trying to get blood out of a stone!

  3. I love and own Ambre Sultan (actually, it's my first and only one full bottle of SL's perfumes). It's great on me but unfortunately I'm not getting the same longevity as you... Should I try applying more? But the opening phase is big enough as is so I'm not sure... Anyway, I do not mind re-applying.

    I tested this Tauer's perfume only once and I liked it. I will test it more. But you're absolutely right about tenacity, especially of those Andy's creations that do not work for you.

    Not being a Guerlain fan I do not get to test even all feminine offerings let alone masculine ones. Since you speak so highly of it I'll try it if I come across it in a store.

    Wearing your favorite perfumes is such a joy! Last year when I realized I was spending more time testing something new (with a very mixed results) than wearing great perfumes in my collection I made a new year resolution to wear one of those favorites at least twice a week. Ten month and counting - I'm following my resolution (and report monthly on it).

  4. Undina that is a great resolution and something I should try do more often.

    Ambre Sultan and longevity - I'm not sure I have any advice. I think it usually boils down to skin chemistry perhaps?

  5. As I said, I do not mind re-applying. After all, it gives me an opportunity to change my mind and wear or try something different. So it was more of an observation than a complaint.

  6. Undina, cool. Do you find when you reapply a scent that it develops differently second time round?

  7. Actually, with some perfumes it is true for me: the second time I apply them to the same spot it smells differently. Probably because top notes collide with the remainings of base that I cannot smell any more. It doesn't always work for the best :)

  8. Yeah, I was thinking about that after I posed the question. I think you're right.



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